Integrated B.Ed. Vs B.Ed.- Which One Is Better?

After writing detailed article about Integrated B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) course, I’ve been getting lot of queries about the quality of this course. Teaching job aspirants have been asking me questions about which path is better- traditional B.Ed. course or Integrated B.Ed. course. 12th passed students want to know which option would be better for them. In this article, I’ve tried to answer this question.

This is because of the fact that integrated course lasts for a period of 4 years only. Keep in mind that the integrated program is dual degree in nature. At the end of the course, graduates will be awarded two degrees- Bachelor’s Degree (chosen by the student) and B.Ed. Degree. Obtaining 2 degrees within 4 years is a very good deal.
If you want to pursue B.Ed. course the traditional way, you must possess a Bachelor’s Degree to pursue it! Yes, B.Ed., in its traditional format, is a PG course. Let’s do some calculation now. Typical Bachelor’s Degree course takes 3 years to complete. After completing it, B.Ed. course takes another 2 years to complete. In total, it takes 5 years for one to pursue B.Ed. course the traditional way.
On comparing the course duration, it is evident that the integrated course is 1 year shorter than the other path! According to me, this 1 year can be utilized well. It can be used for preparation work towards cracking CTET, State-wise TETs or other relevant entrance exams.
Apart from the duration part, pursuing integrated course is hassle free to an extent! In case of traditional course, a graduate has to go through separate admission process and formalities to secure admission in B.Ed. program (after completing graduation). In case of integrated course, once the admission has been secured, a student has no reason to worry!
Both integrated and traditional B.Ed. courses boast the same quality. Integrated course is a relatively new entrant. It has been designed to churn out more teachers and satisfy the demand for qualified teachers in India. The quality of integrated course has been kept high by the authorities.
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B.Ed. program has been revised and revamped, in a bid to boost its quality. The course duration of traditional B.Ed. course has been made 2 years (previously it was just 1 year long). It is safe to say that both course formats have more or less the same quality.

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